New Moon Intentions

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The upcoming new moon (Saturday, March 17th 2018) falls under the water sign of Pisces. It happens to also occur during Pisces season. It is a wonderful time to focus on creativity and your intuition. It's also a great time to work on spiritual development. 

It is a very sensitive time. so take care of your emotions and also of those that are around you. Focus on your intuition to help you set intentions. 
Pisces new moon is a moon of clarity and of hope. It's important during this new moon to take some breaks and recharge yourself. It's a time for meditation and to be compassionate with ourselves as we work through sensitive issues. It is the right energy to forgive with what we can. The Pisces new moon helps us to look at old wounds in a different way and perhaps to even find ways to let go. It is the right time to tackle unfinished projects and take the first steps for the future. 

Questions to focus on during this new moon:

How can I believe more in my intuition?
How can I deepen my spiritual connection?
What can I do to have more profound connections with others?

Setting a New Moon Intention

The Pisces new moon in March is in between the Virgo full moon that was at the beginning of the month, and the Pisces full moon that is happening at the end of the month. A new moon is the perfect time during a moon cycle to set intentions.

The following are some steps that will help you along in your process:

*Sit still in a quiet and peaceful place. Take some deep breaths and with each breath in and out, let tensions go. Sit with your hand placed over your heart. While sitting in this position, you could hold a crystal over your heart.

*Think about how much progress you have made so far on your journey. Write down on a sheet of paper your list of specific intentions and say each one out loud as you write it  down. Ask the Universe for guidance in manifesting what is on your list. Each of your intentions are energized with a powerful light. As you feel this golden energy in your heart, your intentions are on the path of manifestation. 

*Close of your intention with prayers of gratitude for all of your gifts and what you can accomplish in your life. 

image: Mind Body Green

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